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Start-Up Description

Peel9 Records Management and Analytics

Peel9, a 2020 Innovation-Technology award winner , is a University of Cincinnati Innovation Hub supported Records Management and Analytics company that serves the law enforcement community. The Peel9 team has over 100 years of combined experience in local and international law enforcement as well as extensive experience in the development of both software and technology solutions that make businesses more effective and efficient.

Why Peel9

We chose to honor Sir Robert Peel, the father of modern policing and his 9 core principles as they are still valid today. The Peel9 team strongly believes these 3 Core Peel Principles are key to the success of any law enforcement agency:

  • The goal is to prevent crime, not catching criminals. If the police stop crime before it happens, we don’t have to punish citizens or suppress their rights. An effective police department doesn’t have high arrest stats; its community has low crime rates.
  • The key to preventing crime is to earn public support. Every community member must share the responsibility of preventing crime as if they were all volunteer members of the force. They will only accept this responsibility if the community supports and trusts the police.
  • The police earn public support by respecting community principles. Winning public approval requires hard work to build a reputation: enforcing the laws impartially, hiring officers who represent and understand the community, and using force only as a last resort.

Why We Created Peel9

Our Records Management and Analytics System is built to help law enforcement agencies better incorporate these key Peel Principles into their daily activities by helping agencies gain a better understanding of what officers are doing, when they are doing it and where. By gathering good data and understanding it, officers can be deployed with a purpose.

The Peel9 Records Management and Analytics System (RMS) was created in response to demand from our existing analytics customers who needed a comprehensive, user-friendly RMS that could do more than serve as an electronic file cabinet. Peel 9 believes Data only becomes Actionable Information when it is effectively analyzed. When investigators can determine where and when a crime occurred, what happened and who committed the crime, Data becomes Actionable Information. Peel9’s RMS is the best answer to the question of Is your agency actively using your data or are you just collecting it?

To learn more about how Peel9 can assist your agency or to schedule a demonstration of our Records Management and Analytics System, email your request to

Start-Up Details

  • Client: PEEL9
  • Product: Software for use in routing emergency calls
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