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The University of Cincinnati 1819 Innovation Hub, Where next happens.


/ What is 1819?

In 1819, in the very heart of this still-young nation, in a period of revolution that was transforming every level of society, a place of learning was founded that would become The University of Cincinnati.

200 years later, that institution is poised to lead urban public universities into a new era of inclusion, innovation and impact. This new revolution begins here: at The University of Cincinnati 1819 Innovation Hub.

1819 is a place of thinking, making and doing, of discovery and delivery, for the University and its community, for the city and the world beyond. It is the one-stop destination where industry meets the University’s talent. The University of Cincinnati is where next lives. The 1819 Innovation Hub is where next happens. Welcome.

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/ Innovate

This is a place to unleash ideas, free from typical institutional and bureaucratic barriers that hinder innovation.

This 100,000-square-foot building is outfitted with state-of-the-art technology and incorporates a 12,000 square foot makerspace, shared office spaces, classrooms, huddle rooms, and gathering spaces.

The Makerspace

The 12,000-square-foot prototyping and microfactory facility is a space for research, exploration, and creation of new ideas, objects, and products. The mission is twofold: to empower users by providing training, support, and guidance to better understand the material world; and to support innovation through the prototyping phase. It is outfitted with a broad array of tools from traditional to state of the art – including high-performing 3D printers, laser cutters, CNC router, and a waterjet cutter.

Collaboration Spaces

Three classrooms and one multi-use room are available for cross-disciplinary UC courses intended to include industry and community. All rooms have presentation screens and AV technologies for large meetings and events. Each floor also has shared collaborative spaces

Venture Lab

A leading model for urban-centered universities, the Venture Lab activates a high density of rapidly curated startup opportunities that attract outside entrepreneurial talent and investors.

Corporate Innovation Spaces

Corporate and community partners who co-locate in 1819 can access shared facilities and front-door service to the university’s resources, including students, faculty, research and continuing education.

One building. Infinite possibilities.


/ Why

Proximity to top talent can help you stay relevant in an era of continual disruption. So get closer.

UC has created a space and policies for people to come together to spark more groundbreaking ideas and solve today’s most complex problems—for industry, our community, and the world. We have created the following documents and terms:

Industry Research Tiers – for industry looking to collaborate on sponsored research, we have developed these potential IP terms

Tier 1 – Non-Exclusive Royalty Free License (NERF)

Tier 2 – Exclusive License with Pre-Set Royalty

Tier 3 – Ownership Assigned to Sponsor

Express License/Option – for faculty and entrepreneurs looking to collaborate on a startup based on UC owned IP, we have developed these terms and agreements for recent graduates of our Venture Lab

Option Agreement – first right of refusal to align UC’s interests with the startup team and fix licensing terms for when the startup is ready to launch

License Agreement – terms that the university is prepared to sign for any technology having graduated from the venture lab

Join us, and tap into the kind of innovative thinking that only comes from dynamic, cross-disciplinary collaborations. Current building partners include Kroger, Cincinnati Bell, Procter & Gamble, CincyTech, Village Life Outreach Project and the Live Well Collaborative.


/ Location

1819 is strategically located in the heart of Cincinnati’s developing innovation district, a mixed-use development supporting medical, research and innovation industries.

With a metro population over two million, the city of Cincinnati is nationally recognized for its vibrant and growing innovation ecosystem:

“Top up-and-coming region for new college graduates” – Forbes
“Top 10 best cities to start a new career” – Time Magazine
“Where startups are thriving” – CNN Money
“Best place in the U.S. for young entrepreneurs” – Under 30 CEOs

The building is served by a large surface parking lot as well as three shuttle routes from the UC campus. Be sure to download the Doublemap app to locate stops and view shuttles en route in real time.

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/ Come Visit

Come see the new and innovative spaces at the 1819 Innovation Hub.

You’re invited to join the 1819 team for a floor-by-floor tour to learn more about the programs, resources, and partners of the 1819 Innovation Hub.

Tour Schedule

Monday – 11am – 11:45am
Wednesday – 3pm – 3:45pm

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